Gemma Gary - student, practitioner, author and artist of Modern Traditional Witchcraft and Cornish folk-magic. Gemma is the current serving 'Dyawles' for Ros an Bucca.


Troy Books
A British publisher, based in Cornwall, of Traditional Witchcraft, Folk Magic and regional customs.


Traditional Cornish Witchcraft, our brother JackDaw's highly valuable site with information on the practices, regalia and lore of the Traditional Cornish Craft.


The Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle Cornwall, housing a world famous collection of Witchcraft artefacts and regalia. Many exhibits relate directly to Cornish and West Country Witchcraft.


Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft. A group raising funds and arranging volunteer work in support of the museum, with 'friends get-togethers' and a newsletter.


Oakmagic Publications
Publishers of British Folklore with an extensive catalogue. Many titles relating to regional Witchcraft and folk magic.

  Cornish Culture
A growing online resource and guide to the indigenous Celtic culture of Cornwall.
  The Montol Festival
Penzance's Midwinter (Montol) celebration, reviving many Penwith winter traditions.

May Horns
The annual celebration of the traditions of May Day in Penzance.


Pyba and the 'Penguizers'.
Fine performers of traditional Cornish music, dance, guizing and troyls.


Spirit of Albion and the Druid Grove of Bega.
Earth Mysteries, Folklore, Druidry and Esoteric Exploration in Cornwall.


A web resource for Cornish folk-arts, traditions and customs.


The Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network
A charitable partnership formed to look after the ancient sites and monuments of Cornwall.


Meyn Mamvro
A well established magazine of Ancient sites, Earth Mysteries, Folklore and Paganism in Cornwall.


Penwith Pagan Moot - an inclusive & friendly Cornish Pagan moot.


Chants in the wood - Directory of Pagan & earth based spirituality in Devon & Cornwall.


Cowethas Peran Sans
The Fellowship of Saint Piran.
Celtic Christian Spirituality in Cornwall.


Joyce Froome
Assistant curator at the Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle, Cornwall, writer and researcher specialising in the history of witchcraft and magic

And Beyond Cornwall...

The Cauldron - magazine of Folklore,Traditional Witchcraft, Paganism and Magic. The Cauldron was established in 1976 and is published quarterly in February, May, August and November. Written for adults.


Ronald 'Chalky' White
Celebrating the Life and Work of Ron White - co-founder of 'The Regency'.


Three Hands Press
Scribes in Service of the Mysteries
Fine Esoteric Books and Images


Sole Publisher of the Cultus Sabbati
and the Sabbatic Craft Tradition


Mandrake of Oxford.
Publisher of books relating to many areas of magick, witchcraft and the occult.


The web-site of the '1734' Tradition of Witchcraft founded by Joseph B. Wilson.


Hedge Witch
Traditional Services of Natural Magic and Guidance


The Clan of Tubal Cain
'The People of 'Goda', continuing and developing the Robert Cochrane Tradition of Witchcraft.


Old George Pickingill
A web-site dealing with Bill Liddell's writings about this famous Canewdon Cunning Man.


The Association of Hedge Witches is a national contacts list for solitary Craft practitioners. The HedgeWytch is a magazine for all aspects of HedgeWitchery and Witchcraft.

  Trtaditional Witchcraft
Sustine modicum, ruricolae melius hoc norunt.
Lincolnshire Calendar Of Days - A Witches' Almanac.

Chattering Magpie
Summoner of the Hearth of the turning Wheel.


Sacred Earth - Occult & Spiritual Supplies.


Toad's Bone Apotheca - a South Mississippi Traditional Witchcraft and Conjure shop.


The Witch of Forest Grove.


Herb Moon Hollow - herbs and resins, West Country Based.


Jane Cox Photography.


Sarah Vivian - Cornish Pagan Artist.


Adrian Smith.


Craig Harris - Crafter of Tree Spirits.


Rory Te 'Tigo
Artist, Craftsman and Witch.

  Tamsyn Swingler
Talented Cornish illustrator.

The Occult Art Company - art prints and other items, in association with the Museum of Witchcraft.

  Ama Menec
Not Cornwall, but close enough. A Devon based artist specialising in wonderful sculptures of endangered British animals.
  Cornish Hedges.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust.


National Seal Sanctuary - Seal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release.


The Dragon Environmental Network.


Lillith's Lantern - Vicia and the Anderson Feri Tradition.


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